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Everett House

Real Estate

Showcase your clients' property in the best light."


For more detailed information on real estate photography, please visit

Kathy Oman Photography at


Real Estate Photography Specializing in *HDR Real Estate Images



The exterior of a home or building is the first

impression ... and the internet might be the

first view your (potential) client sees. Showcase

it in the best way possible - with professional

real estate photography.








The brain helps your eyes to perceive both the

interior and exterior (i.e., window view) at the same

time. A camera cannot ... not without help anyway.

This is where *HDR photography comes into play.









So the images of the house or building look great ...

but what is the neighborhood like? The parks?

Waterfront? Sometimes adding these images to

your portfolio tells the bigger story and can draw

more people in.






*HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography is a digital photography technique whereby multiple exposures of the same scene are layered and merged using image editing software to create a more realistic image.


Dining Room
Sunset & Pool

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